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Picking Up the Pace

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Year two is getting heavy. This past week consisted of lectures, labs, a simulation, a wedding in Nashville, and finally an exam yesterday. This next week holds even more: three meetings, many lectures, two labs, another exam, Osteoblast (event to introduce all of the first years to the various clubs on campus), our first PM&R club meeting, and a practical exam. The following week looks about the same. And I assume all the rest after that – until Christmas.

Some of the pictures I took for Instagram last week:

I’m not sure about you, but I actually prefer to be busy. I have more focus when I don’t leave myself too much down time for my mind to wander. I enjoy the pace of always having a next task to complete. And when we are talking about medical school, I really enjoy that time seems to pass more quickly when you stay busy. Hopefully, the next time I look up I will be starting rotations!

I was always interested by the notion that stress is essential to productivity. Did you know that in 1908 Robert Yerkes and John Dodson of Harvard University published a paper showing that a moderate amount of anxiety increases performance? However, they noticed that after a certain threshold of anxiety was surpassed performance begins to decrease. Yerkes and Dodson were the first to show that stress improves productivity – and it was over 100 years ago! I know I try to harness the benefits of moderate stress by drinking coffee and procrastinating…I’m not sure that’s what they had in mind, but it seems to follow their line of thought 🙂


However, as a recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted, “[Beneficial stress] can be tricky to achieve. Some overly optimistic people and those with attention-deficit hyperactive disorder may lack enough anxiety to take action. Others—mostly procrastinating perfectionists—must create anxiety-producing situations in order to get anything done.” I think I am definitely the latter type of person. That must be why I need a more demanding schedule to stay engaged and productive.

I hope this informative bit will help you maximize your productivity! A big thank you to Yerkes and Dodson.

Knowledge is power.

Keep it real.


One thought on “Picking Up the Pace

  1. Hi there ryan, it’s nice to found ur wordpress. Im ami from indonesia, im a PMR student right now, this is my first year…hope we can b friend

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